Comrade Lenin Cleanses the Earth of Filth Viktor Deni




The term Agitprop originated from Soviet Russia (1917 - 1991) in the Department for Agitation and Propaganda, a committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, later renamed Ideological Department.





stage plays


environments and happenings?...

with a political message


**At the time, in the Russian language, PROPAGANDA was not a negative term, simply a term to describe the spreading of ideas. distribution. airing. broadcasting. circulation. diffusion. dissipation. promulgation. propagation. publication. share. //aka people exercising the right to FREE SPEECH**


"In the case of agitprop, the ideas to be disseminated were those of communism, including explanations of the policy of the Communist Party and the Soviet state."(Wiki)



1. Do you want to conquer coldness?
2. Do you want to conquer hunger?
3. Do you want to eat?
4. Do you want to drink?
Hurry up to join the strike team of exemplary labor.


Agitation acts on the emotions and propaganda acts on the mind...


TIMELINE (abbreviated):

Soviet Agitprop -->

1920s agitprop theater in Europe / America with evil cardboard characters -->

any kind of politicized art (modern) -->



Modern English synonyms for the word propaganda include disinformation, hogwash, implantation, hype... and an antonym: truth. *For the sake of the spirit of this project, we shall use the old-fashioned (also communist, definition.)* "Use an old idea." //From Oblique Strategies (Eno, Schmidt) American sentiments toward Communism rejected agitprop because of the inherent support of ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin-Stalin. 


Freedom, American Style Boris Yefimov 1950.

From Wiki: Freedom of the press is depicted as William Randolph Hearst spreading lies; Freedom of thought is depicted as judge giving a verdict for communist beliefs; Personal freedom is depicted as the lynching of an African American by members of the Ku Klux Klan; Freedom of assembly is depicted as armed troops suppressing protesters. A policeman (looking like a caricature of J. Edgar Hoover) stands on the shoulders of the Statue of Liberty wielding a billy-club and holding handcuffs. Liberty's lips are sealed with a padlock labeled "$". The skyscraper is labelled, "Wall Street".




In Soviet Russia, the term political theatre was interchangeable with agitprop theatre and agitprop. Agitprop theater arose from a history of political satire by comedians in Athenian society that had a strong influence on popular belief. They were important to the self-examination, inspection and refinement of the first democracy. Agitprop or political theater has evolved as a critical component of cultures around the world as a critique and commentary on contemporary political issues and governments.


German Worker's Theater protesting inadequate wages.



"To have more, we must produce more. To produce more, we must know more."