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Berkeley Campus Regulations

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This is a brief overview of the guidelines and rules that we must work with this semester, based on the UC Berkeley Campus Regulations for Implementing University Policies. Basically, to use University grounds, a registered campus organization must reserve the space in advance by submitting an application to the Center of Student Life (CSL). This office controls most of the larger gathering spaces on campus, as well as normal classroom facilities. There are also additional indoor and outdoor spaces that are controlled by individual departments; to use these, you must apply to the specific representative or building manager in charge of that area.


There is a special exception for art and architecture installations. We do not need to be a registered campus organization. Instead, we must apply first to the appropriate building manager (or CSL) in order to reserve the space where we want to construct our installation. Then we must apply to the Physical Plant Grounds Department, in order to request an exception to the policy that forbids us from attaching anything to campus buildings or natural grounds. We must provide details such as the materials used, method of construction, dates of display, how the installation will be fixed to the location, potential impact on passerby, and how we plan to monitor the installation. Lastly, we must take the Physical Plant's recommendation back to the appropriate building manager (or CSL) to receive final installation approval. We have a few additional steps to receive approval, but at least we can avoid the tedium of becoming a registered organization.


See the attached application checklist form for art & architecture installations, as well as a more detailed outline of the campus regulations.


UCB Art and Architecture Installation Guide Final.pdf

UCB Campus Regulations.pdf


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